Turtleback High
has been produced twice.

First produced in June 2011 as part of the
BoCoCa Arts Festival
Brooklyn, NY.
Directed by Jay Marks.

The Cast was as follows:

Mr. Matheno – Raife Baker
Principal Bungpedal – David Jacobs
Miss P. – Emma Myers
Adam – Paul J. Schmidt
Brenda – Caroline Gart
Ivan – Tyler Gilliam
Quentin – Greg Ramsey
Romeo – Jason Suran
Sarah – Lauren Tyrrell
Terry – Lex Friedman
T.J. – Brian Fiddyment
Tyler – Edward Raube-Wilson
Yvette – Laura Quackenbush
A Stranger –  David Jacobs

and again May 2014 at
The Secret Theater
Long Island City, NY
Directed by Christopher Czyz

The Cast was as follows:

Mr. Matheno – Kevin Dedes
Principal Bungpedal – Mike Blum
Miss P. – Katie Consamus
Adam – Eric Deiboldt
Brenda – Shannon Cabbell
Ivan – Alexander Moitzi
Quentin – Austin Jennings
Romeo – Grant Bowen
Sarah – Avra Friedman
Terry – Danielle Strauss
T.J. – Daniel Bennett
Tyler – Israel Gutierrez
Yvette – Tiff Roma
A Stranger –  Robby Johnson

Hey actors and directors! If you would like me to link your names to your personal pages, let me know. 


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